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Most Common Flooring Types

The type of material that has been used to cover the surface of the floor of your home or commercial space is what is known as flooring method. The flooring should be done to make the surface that you are walking on is well covered with a good material. Materials selected for flooring has to be durable, attractive and also those that can be easily cleaned. There are many different flooring methods today but there are those which are loved by majority of the people. Flooring methods that are accepted by many today are as follows.

Wood floors have become very popular today in many homes. It does not matter the kind of materials used in building the house, so be it from wood, bricks or even sand blocks, and the flooring method preferred is always from wood. Wooden floors can either be made from hard wood or soft wood as the types of wood used. The wood used in flooring comes in different shapes and sizes but they are always glued to the floor in a well defined pattern. A wooden floor gives your house not only a natural look but that antique look that is very lovely. It is also have that shiny look that it gets after polishing it during cleaning and in addition it is very easy to clean.

Today you can find the most common types of flooring method used in residential areas to be tiled floors. Tiles are ceramic materials that are made in squares and used to cover cemented floors. Tiles have to be brittle even if they are made out of plastic like some of them are. Tiles are fragile and during the time when the flooring is being done, they have to be handled with a lot of care. It is popular in residential areas because it can be easily cleaned and it is one of the cheapest flooring methods. They also come in different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors, so it is always up to the home owner to choose from the variety.

Carpeting can be categorized under one of the most common flooring methods. Carpets can be used in both commercial spaces and also in homes. Cotton is a common material used in making carpets but there are those few made from plastic with fiber. Cotton carpets that are placed to cover the entire floor can be glued. You can also have carpets on just some parts of your floor which you can blend it with another flooring method. This means that you can have a carpet on a wooden floor or carpet on a floor that has been tiled. Cleaning of carpet is very easy because it is only done once in a while, because it only involves vacuuming and cleaning once.

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