Motorcycle jackets: How to choose yours?

In addition to the helmet, which we know is absolutely mandatory; it is advisable to use other accessories and suitable clothing to protect ourselves. Surely one of the essentials is the motorcycle jacket, something basic for the biker in any type of use.

But if we take a look at the market, we realize that there is a wide variety of types of parka jackets online India according to different characteristics.

The first criterion by which we must discriminate the choice of one or another jacket is material of manufacture: leather, sanity or ventilated. Depending on the use that we are going to give, a particular type of jacket may be better.

Leather jackets

The leather jackets feel like a second skin and are the best to face the wind on the bike. In addition, its resistance to abrasion when it rubs against the ground is the best we can find compared to other jackets.

Leather also has some drawbacks. Its use in summer is quite annoying due to its lack of ventilation. Also in case of rain, the leather is soaked and gains weight and lets the water pass through.

Textile jackets

It is true that sanity jackets (or similar) do not have as much resistance as leather, although lately it is reaching good levels that can equal it. That alone will only withstand a single use that forces you to change it for a new one when you suffer a fall.

Jackets tend to be more versatile and can be used all year round if equipped with thermal lining and Gore-Tex or other similar material, facing the winter and summer, in which case you will obviously need ventilation in the jacket.

Also for convenience, textiles are easier to maintain than leather.

Ventilated jackets

This type of jackets is almost exclusively used for seasons or very hot climates. Normally they usually include an inner lining so that during the nights and early mornings you can have a little more protection against the morning coolness.

More factors to choose motorcycle jacket

Once we have clear the type that we need, we have to look at other characteristics of winter jackets for womens online that the winter jackets offer and that we tell you in a general way below:

Protections : The material of confection is important, but against the blows, we must know that the adequate protections are the best weapons. The protections of a jacket, in addition to being of better or worse quality, must be removable in elbows, shoulders and, very important, with accommodation for the trellis and better if it comes with it incorporated.

Adjustments : The more adjustment options you have, the better. In this way, it will adapt better to your body and avoid discomfort from the wind. Therefore, the first thing is to get your proper size, but as it is impossible to fit perfectly to your body, with the adjustments of sleeve, back and so on, it will be much easier.

Reflective : The visibility of motorcyclists is increasingly a concern of that group. The insertion of reflective on the jacket helps to increase our security and you do not need to use any other element such as vests and others.

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